Three Time Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winner


Molly's Mop on Top

Molly’s Mop on Top is a remarkable book, designed to help children learn English through the practice of repetition and rhyme.

Author Patrica Lopez is now a three time Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winner for her outstanding contributions to ESL and ELL. Molly’s Mop on Top is yet another example of her love of children and expertise teaching them English!

TPRS (Teaching the proficiency of reading thru storytelling) Methodology provides REPETITION! REPETITION! REPETITION! of the vocabulary thus enabling the students to really learn that vocabulary and help with spelling in English. 

This charming story is rhyming and a mystery that every child can relate to.

"Molly's Mop on Top is a great read-aloud book for young children. The rhyming words, repetition and colorful illustrations, plus a story of a daily ritual many children can relate to (hair maintenance) should make it a favorite."

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Planet Zombieland

Planet Zombieland was unanimously selected for the Parent and Teacher Choice Award. This short reader teaches beginning language learners through story telling by use of high-frequency vocabulary. It's highly recommended for any student school-age to adult who wants to learn English, Spanish or French.

"We love that the Planet Zombieland Activity Workbook is open-ended so that students get to continuously write their own ending. It also includes numerous games to personalize the learning at each step for the learner so they remain fully engaged. Highly recommended by the Parent and Teacher Choice Award team to anyone – parents or teachers, teaching English or Spanish with the intent to help students acquire a new language."

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El Dúo Fiel

El Dúo Fiel is a beautiful, heartfelt Spanish poem any reader will love and it is especially appropriate for both Immersion and Spanish Literature students. It's a Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winner.

The author, Patricia Lopez, wrote this poem about the lives of her parents, their traditions and their faith during the journey of their lives.

What is very helpful for Spanish language learners is the repetition which allows students to practice and acquire the language while engaging in discussions about the poem.

A comprehension-based reader. (CI) = the book is strategically written with an exceptionally LOW unique word count combined with an unusually HIGH frequency factor which equals the number of times core words are repeated within a text.

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